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Founded in 1906, MUGUET TEXTILES designs, develops, produces and sells high end upholstery fabrics and technical materials dedicated to mass transportation.

Since december 19th 2013, our company has been a subsidiary of the INDITISS SOFIDAP group which realizes a turnover of 40 million € with more than 200 collaborators.

Our textile products are manufactured in our plants in Charlieu and in Coublanc (France) or subcontracted at various French and European partners (dyers, warpers, velvet producers, finishers) to serve our customers worldwide.

Our Research, Stylism and Development department imagines new designs, develops new functionnalised textile concepts in order to meet our customers expectations.

MUGUET TEXTILES is also the Distrbutor and the Sales Agent for the French market of HERBERT KNEITZ Austria.

The present website proposes to visualise our fabrics for mass transportation, our current collections of upholstery tissues, some news about us, and your contacts at MUGUET TEXTILES.

Enjoy your visit.

Thierry DABOVAL , General Manager of MUGUET TEXTILES