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MUGUET TEXTILES develops textile solutions for interior fittings in mass transportation (coaches, buses, trams, undergrounds, trains, boats).

On the road, all our decorative textiles are homologated according to the European ECE R 118. 

For train applications, our products are characterized M and F according to NF F 16 101, or according to EN45 545 - R21.

For seats, we propose silkery fabrics from our range TRAFIC with delicate designs and with abrasion strenght upper than 100 000 martinadle rubs, but also velvets with jacquard designs or embossed with a 3D effect.

for the windows, we propose fabrics dedicated to the manufacturing of curtains in 30 diferents colors, with the possibility of jacuard designs or embossed with a shiny effect.

Our stylism team is at our customers disposal to create new designs.

The presented designs are MUGUET TEXTILES intellectual property and cannot be reproduced or used without MUGUET TEXTILES approval.